How I started developing iPhone games.

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Fast forward to 2015 and over a six month period I designed and programmed 10 iPhone games.

All this was done whilst holding down a full-time job and the demands of being a parent to two young children. My main development time started once the kids were in bed and would go on until after midnight.

Whilst it took a bit of effort, it was certainly a fun experience.

My main aim was to see if I could actually code iOS games, but seeing as I have an AdSense account, I decided to monetise them using AdMob.

The last two games I made also had an in-app purchase option to remove adverts.

At the time of writing this post, they’ve served up over 2 million adverts, giving me a good return on my time investment.

I’ve served up over 2 million adverts from my apps.

My first game was a simple golf game. It was similar in design to a game called ”Stick Hero” made by Ketchapp games. Instead of a pushing a stick over to the next island, you had to hit a ball to it.

Here’s a screenshot:


Sales were OK, and it reached number 2 of the arcade charts in…Malawi!

Mini golf number 2 in malawi
For a brief period, it was more popular than Candy Crush.

Several more games followed, and I developed a template I used to speed up development.

My final two games were word games, the one I spent the most time on was called: Word Goblins – Movie Tour.

Compared to my first game, this one is more complex. It contains levels, worlds and challenges.

Here are a couple of screen shots:

The main game screen.

Level selection.

Each land was themed, and I programmed the game to easily add new worlds and expand it.

Sadly, when I released this game the app charts seemed to have a problem, and new games weren’t being listed. I think Apple were in the process of changing their algorithm, and by the time it was corrected, my games were way down the released list.

As I was being cheap, I didn’t actively promote them. Although one of my reasons for this was that the iOS game environment is a highly competitive one, and whilst I enjoyed making my games, I didn’t think they would be able to compete with the larger (read better) app game companies.

Still I think it’s a fun little game, so feel free to give it a bit of love and have a go.

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