December thoughts

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2016 has been quite the year, it seems as if half the celebrity world died and a shift is occurring in world politics. With 2017 fast approaching, I’ve been thinking what I can do for my next project. At the moment I’m toying with the idea of giving Unity 3D a go. Now I just need to think of an … Read More

Amazon to eBay arbitrage, a profit making business.

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You may have heard of Amazon to eBay arbitrage. If not, the basic premise is to identify a product on Amazon that’s being (or could be) sold on eBay for a profit; even when you take away all charges. Once you find a profitable Amazon product to sell, you list the item on eBay. When it’s purchased, you get Amazon … Read More

What is AEProfit about?

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My aim is to show you how I start with an idea and develop a product from it. You can read more about it by following these links: I’ve just started this website, and I have a lot of plans for it. One of which is to show you how I design and build an application from scratch. Can’t stop … Read More

How I started developing iPhone games.

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All this was done whilst holding down a full-time job and the demands of being a parent to two young children. My main development time started once the kids were in bed and would go on until after midnight. Whilst it took a bit of effort, it was certainly a fun experience. My main aim was to see if I … Read More

Building niche websites

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After selling my poker website and software, I used the profits to build niche websites. These websites used Google AdSense as the revenue generator. After some research, I had a vague idea about SEO and would build a website by: 1 – Purchasing an exact match domain name. 2 – Adding around 5-10 pages of information relating to the niche. … Read More

How I created and sold my second website.

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Towards the end of 2006 I read an article about online poker. I was fascinated by how you could gain a small advantage if you knew how to maximise your playing hand. One way to do this was to calculate the odds of your current hand winning the pot. I searched online and found some poker software that would view … Read More

Selling my first digital product.

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One evening, I decided that instead of wasting my time playing computer games and watching TV, I would be a little more productive with my spare time. After some thought, I had an idea to create a job search website with the aim to sell it on eBay. I spent about two days (around four evenings) designing, coding and testing … Read More