Building niche websites

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After selling my poker website and software, I used the profits to build niche websites. These websites used Google AdSense as the revenue generator.

After some research, I had a vague idea about SEO and would build a website by:

1 – Purchasing an exact match domain name.

2 – Adding around 5-10 pages of information relating to the niche. Each page would be around 300-500 words in length, contain key words related to the niche, and contain a relevant picture.

3 – Adding AdSense banners to the site.

Remember, this was back in 2007-2010, I wouldn’t recommend this strategy today.

Replicating my previous online adventures, my primary focus was to build a website to sell (flip) on eBay.

I sold quite a few websites this way, with the average sale price around £50. Not too bad, as I sold them when they were only a few days old and had no site visitors.

The downside to this strategy was I never gave myself a chance to build and grow the websites I created. I’m sure I would’ve made far more by simply sitting back and watching the AdSense revenue stream in.

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